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Stratford-upon-Avon Town hall
Stratford-upon-Avon Library
Local Services within and around Stratford-upon-Avon
All the local services and tourist information you will need on Playgroups, Parking, Toilets, Facilities for the Disabled, Medical Services  & Church Services can be found here.
  • Public Library
  • Facilities for the Disabled
  • Toilets
  • Post Office & Letter Box
  • Stratford-on-Avon District Council

Public Library
Stratford Library is just below Shakespeare's Birthplace in Henley Street.
The reference section is upstairs.

Telephone: 01789 292209 and 01789 296904


Access Guide
The library is housed in an old timbered building and therefore presents some problems in terms of accessibility. There is flat access to the entrance, which has an uneven stone floor. Heavy doors which open outwards lead to the ground floor, which has a lino/wood floor, and is slightly uneven. There are no dropped counters, however, staff at the Enquiry desk will be pleased to assist with any enquires or services. Large print books are on offer, and loans on cassette are free to those with visual impairments. A flight of wooden stairs leads to the first floor which has handrails to one side only for part of the stairs. There are two steps to the first level, and one step to the second level of the first floor. There is a bell on the outside of the building if you need assistance.The recent addition of automatic doors is of great benefit.
12 Henley Street (Tel. 01789 292209/296904)
Facilities and Notes for the Disabled
Throughout the tour of Stratford and the surrounding areas you will find details regarding access and facilities for disabled people. These will include step heights door types, floor inclines and access mechanisms. These facilties are well sign posted.


SP - Street Parking
COW - Clear Open Width

Radar Keys are available:

    On Hire from:
  • Birthplace Trust
  • Coach Park Terminal
    Purchased from:
  • Technical Services Dept., Council Offices, Church Street
  • CVS Arden House, Arden Street
Bell Court
Flat surface. Opened by radar lock
At rear of building. Opened by radar lock
Recreation Ground
Ramp at door. Opened by radar lock
Ring bell for assistance. Handrail
Windsor Street
Flat surface. Opened by radar lock
Ely Street
Flat surface. Opened by radar lock
Post Office & Letter Boxes
Main Post Office - Henley Street
Access Guide

disability key disability key disability keyThe National Minicom number is 0345 223355. They will put you in contact with someone in your region, if you require information. A Service Call receiver has been fitted. The entrance is flat and level with wide doors, which are kept open. The inside is flat and level throughout, and ample seating. A low level writing desk is provided for customers. One counter, which is clearly signed, has an induction ioop fitted. The closed counters are at standard level. Transactions can be carried out for those unable to reach these, at the open plan desks. A specially appointed member of staff, who is trained in access and disability awareness will be delighted to assist if required. A service named “Articles for the Blind” enables those with visual impairments to send packages weighing up to 7 kg by First Class, free of charge. A public telephone has been provided at a height suitable for wheelchair users. Staff are particularly helpful, and most have undergone some training in disability issues. Contact Branch Manager for further information.

2-3 Henley Street (Tel. 01789 414939)
Sub-Post Offices - Tiddington Road


Letter Boxes: 


Church Street/Chestnut Walk
Rother Street
Sheep Street
Henley Street
Bridge Street

Stratford-on-Avon District Council
Access Guide

There is a Service Call receiver at the front entrance. Two designated parking spaces for Orange Badge holders exist outside the entrance to the building. There is flat and level access into the building, which has automatic doors. Gently sloped access leads to the reception area. Fully accessible toilet facilities are located on the ground floor, near to the reception area. Wheelchairs users are requested to report to reception, for safety reasons. There is a minicom available, and an induction ioop is fitted at the counters on the right of the entrance. Flights of stairs lead to the upper floors, otherwise they are reached via a lift, which has Braille controls. There is restricted width in the lift. There are changing floor levels on the upper floors. Dropped counters are provided in the Technical and Amenities and Planning Departments. Please ask at reception for any assistance or information.
Stratford-on-Avon District Council
Elizabeth House
Church Street
CV37 6HX (Tel 01789 267575 Minicom 01789 260747 Fax 01789 260007)