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Rear of Hall's Croft (Shakespeare's Daughter's House) A Watercolour by John Davis ©
Rear of Hall's Croft - a Watercolour by John Davis ©
Stratford-upon-Avon is a town, small in size but large in history and interest. The streets themselves hold a thousand delights with the chemistry of the ages mixed in with the needs of today. It is a thriving and busy town of just over 20,000 inhabitants whose day-to-day business is conducted amongst the rich architecture.  The layout of the town is based on a medieval cross system and therefore finding your way around is relatively easy.  You will find wall mounted tourist maps in Rother Street Market and at the top of Bridge Street, alternatively if you lose your bearings then please take a look at the Stratford street map.


The town sits proudly on the River Avon which flows through the middle of town, once a key factor as trade route and enhanced by linking with the British Waterways Canal network for the Midlands, the River is now used mainly for leisure activities.  The focal point for many on the River Avon is the facade of The Royal Shakespeare Theatre.


William Shakespeare's significance to the town can be found in his families' houses, three of which are situated within easy walking distance within town, the other two situated slightly out of town with easy access.